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High-quality server solutions for your applications

Customised dedicated servers for individual projects

Benefit from our high level of expertise in the area of dedicated servers - we know how to setup the right configuration in accordance with you: We consult with you which individual solution suits you and set it up for you, complete with software and operating system for your digital projects. Rent or buy a dedicated server from us and enjoy our extensive range of services. Our team provides direct support in the event of problems, such as the rapid replacement of defective components.
Rely on us and let us take care of everything!

A dedicated server is intended for several permanently operated services. It is not used for everyday tasks. Compared to a cloud server or a shared (virtual private) server, which is usually provided with shared resources, the dedicated server is exclusively available to one user for application purposes such as virtualisation. For very performance-hungry applications, several dedicated servers are usually combined into so-called clusters and operated as one logical unit.

By using our dedicated servers, the IT project managers of commercially professionally calculating companies want to avoid inconveniences such as the external travel and maintenance costs for ad-hoc responses, which are common with many providers. Dedicated servers also offer strong security and high performance. With us, you can obtain desired servers of different sizes at a constant monthly rate, including the costs for the server housing. Thanks to our well-stocked hardware warehouse, you benefit from the shortest response times in the event of necessary replacement measures.

We coordinate the necessary hardware equipment together with you according to your individual requirements and wishes. We use established manufacturer brands such as Dell, HP, Supermicro, Intel, and Samsung among others in our data centres. Unlike many competitors, we are not tied to specific manufacturers or technologies. Our experienced specialist staff ensures that the entire ordering and commissioning process runs smoothly. Your dedicated servers are manufactured by us directly on site and subjected to a thorough check during the test run. We take care of all the steps for you - purchase of the hardware, assembly, installation and support. We configure a completely customised system in cooperation with you.

With a dedicated server, you enjoy the greatest possible flexibility when setting up the server (we are also happy to do this for you). The entire capacity, such as hard disk space and RAM, is at your disposal, which significantly reduces loading times. Also, a dedicated server offers a very high level of security and thus great protection for your data.

Dedicated Server by firstcolo

Individually powerful, thanks to our dedicated servers with certified brands!
Put together your own server based on your needs and benefit from our high flexibility. The package is crowned by our strong 24/7 support on site.
We will be happy to advise you on the configuration and find the perfect server for you together!

Advantages of using dedicated servers from firstcolo

24/7/365-customer service
Rack housing and cold aisle air conditioning
Provision within a few hours
Management interface, e.g. IPMI module - KVM over IP
Individual servers of your choice instead of complete systems only
Every server with 10 Gbit connection as standard
Manufacturer-independent combination options
Purchase of hardware components at special conditions - by using our purchasing channels
Outsourcing of the entire management
Fully equipped servers of your choice for rent or purchase

Customised dedicated servers for individual projects

Initial consultation - Professional solutions - Emergency communication

We will be happy to advise you on the choice of the right solution and are confident of finding the server system that precisely meets your needs. Fully focus on your core business and let us take care of the configuration and provision of your desired dedicated server!