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Grand opening of our new data centre space R3 in Frankfurt!

High-quality premium data centre space

Our Focus

We want every IT-team to be completely carefree. We want to make the quality standards that we already provide for our demanding premium customers available to all users of our data centres.

We offer your company high-quality IT space, vendor-independent hardware and IT infrastructure in our own high-performance data centres as well as at additional German and European redundancy sites. With us, you receive an above-average, high-performance, flexibly scalable infrastructure for your servers, storage or backup systems. We also provide this for cloud computing environments and Big Data applications, in order to optimally guarantee the availability and quality of your data.

We offer both customised IT solutions and standardised premium products.

On top of our data centre infrastructure, we offer you additional IT services – from a secure connection of your IT systems and locations, through managed services and CDN, to full IT outsourcing and powerful DDoS protection without compromise - the quality of which is otherwise only available to global players.

Colocation is the outsourcing of an internal IT infrastructure to an external data centre. The advantages for companies that host their infrastructure as a colocation at firstcolo are, in addition to saving space, resources and investments for hardware, optimal accessibility and network connectivity including physical and data-controlled protection of the IT hardware.

Thanks to our managed services, companies can focus on their core business again without having to maintain their own data centre.

One of the main reasons why more and more companies are opting for firstcolo’s colocation services is the large amount of capital that is required to build and operate a data centre of your own. Due to the continuous development of our professional colocation services, the advantages outweigh the potential disadvantages of outsourcing the data centre in almost every scenario.

Thanks to geo-redundancy and optional backup locations in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria, your critical data is optimally protected and always accessible.

High Quality Standards
Each customer receives his individual desired solution with the use of our high-quality data centres
We supply our in-house data centres with 100 percent electricity from renewable sources


Green electricity

from renewable energies


Gigabit External connection



Colocation & Housing by firstcolo

With us you get the most modern IT infrastructure for your needs! Our data centres in Frankfurt am Main have over 1500 gigabit external connections and are powered with 100 percent green electricity from renewable sources. We offer a free consultation so that you can start with your desired infrastructure today.

Customised solutions: Designed according to your wishes!

Shared Rack-Housing

from 70,21€ (59,00€ netto)

19″ Shared Rack – 1 U
redundant 1/10 Gbit Uplink
redundant power supply
Traffic according to usage or flat rate
24/7 support via ticket and phone
¼ Colocation Rack-Housing

from 303,45€ (255,00€ netto)

19″ Colocation Rack – 10 U
redundant 1/10/100 Gbit Uplink (LACP)
1x 16A circuit
up to 1.5kW power connection
24/7 support via ticket and phone
½ Colocation Rack-Housing

from 553,35€ (465,00€ netto)

19″ Colocation Rack – 20 U
redundant 1/10/100 Gbit Uplink (LACP)
2x 16A circuit
up to 3kW power connection
24/7 support via ticket and phone
1/1 Colocation Rack-Housing

from 612,85€ (515,00€ netto)

19″ Colocation Rack – 42/47 U
redundant 1/10/100 Gbit Uplink (LACP)
2x 16A circuit
up to 30kW power connection
24/7 support via ticket and phone

Individual advantages in our data centres

Benefits with firstcolo

Redundant rack connection (LACP channel)
Cold aisle containment
16A and 32A circuits for racks
Redundant air conditioning
Check your Power consumption online, available in real time
Early fire detection
Racks with up to 30 KW power consumption possible
Novec 1230/FM200 fire extinguishing system
High-quality satellites for best signal transmission
Georedundancy in Frankfurt as well as in external locations in Germany and Europe
DSL/ISDN connection to the rack possible
Carrier-neutral racks possible
Switch/network management
Alarm protection of the racks possible
Rack connection optionally n*100 Gbit
Redundant UPS and DIESEL-generator supported

First consultation – Professional solutions – Emergency communication

We are happy to consult you in choosing the right solution and are confident to find the infrastructure that fits your needs perfectly. Focus on your core business entirely and let our teams take over the management!