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Network & connectivity with firstcolo

The network is the heart of our business.
We have not spared any investments to be able to completely exclude bottlenecks and failures.

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firstcolo Backbone

To ensure the best possible connectivity to every endpoint, our traffic mix consists of 100 percent Tier-1 carriers and our customers benefit from the resulting high availability of our sites. We realise the lowest latencies within our infrastructure through our direct connection to the world's largest peering point, the DE-CIX. In this way, we also enable a direct connection and optimal connectivity to over 1000 networks. In order to offer our customers the best possible protection against cybercrime such as DDoS attacks, we have upgraded our backbone to over 1500 Gbit/s. As a result, even large DDoS attacks can be mitigated without any problems.

At the same time, our strong backbone allows us to realise a much higher connection for customer racks than you are used to with other service providers. In addition to redundant 10 Gbit uplinks as standard, our offer also includes up to N*100 Gbit uplinks for customer racks. The comprehensive range of IP transit services is also not a problem at our points of presence. Therefore, you benefit from our backbone regardless of the location. Choosing the carrier plays a decisive role for reliability, quality of the connection and latency.

For the best latencies in all areas, we operate uplinks to the following carriers:


In the heart of the internet:
in Frankfurt am Main.

Just a few minutes' walk from the world's largest peering point.

Special features of our networks

fibre ring
In addition to our first-class carrier network, we also operate a 1.2 terabit DWDM fibre ring throughout Frankfurt. This enables us to connect our in-house data centres with our external locations within Frankfurt and transport business-critical data at high speeds and with the lowest latencies. The existing DWDM route is also already designed for the next technological leap to 400 Gbps. In this way, we can transport business-critical data at high speeds and with the lowest latency. The existing DWDM route is also already designed for the next technological leap to 400 Gbps. This means that we can continue to meet the high demands of our customers in the future.
dark fibre
In order to realise an adequate data centre interconnect (DCI), we have had a redundant dark fibre connection between our in-house data centres in Frankfurt am Main for some time. As a user, you benefit from optimal connectivity and low latencies between our locations. To minimise the risk of a failure, we have also deliberately designed the dark fibres as redundant. In addition to geo-redundant backup concepts and encrypted data transmission, we can even offer you dedicated wavelengths on our DWDM equipment. Use our Dark Fibre and benefit from the advantages!
Guaranteed performance
Our entire network design is completely redundant. All components are constantly kept in stock multiple times to ensure productive operation. We consistently maintain this standard so that we can react immediately if necessary and prevent inaccessibility at any time. Furthermore, our network is not overbooked and we don't use any uplink to more than 50 percent of its capacity. This way, we avoid short-term bandwidth bottlenecks. Peak times or short-term peaks are no more a problem than short-term ad-hoc expansions, while your infrastructure remains highly available at all times.

When designing our network infrastructure, we trust the market leaders

Arista's platforms achieve data transfer speeds of up to 400 gigabits per second and set new standards for scalability, agility, and availability. Thanks to software-driven cloud networks, Arista offers first-class products to large data centre service providers as well as operators of cloud infrastructures.We also trust the market leader and use Arista equipment across the entire firstcolo infrastructure.

A universal routing platform - with the Juniper MX Series. Featuring high 10/40/100 GbE port density, the MX Series is a redundant router ideally suited for all mission-critical workloads and cloud applications. With up to 2.4 Tbps throughput in just three rack units, the series is one of the most performance-optimised routers on the market. Our world-class routing infrastructure allows us to easily implement customer setups with any bandwidth.

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