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firstcolo Cloud

We offer our clients the mobility to freely use various cloud services and infrastructures, while being able to centrally manage them. This way our clients can enjoy maximum flexibility.

As an Infrastructure as a Service provider, one of our key objectives is to help you find the right IT solution tailored to your needs. In addition, we provide you with a comprehensive support service and ensure that the firstcolo cloud environment runs seamlessly, so that you can take care of your core business unhindered.

What is firstcolo Cloud?

The firstcolo Cloud is built on an Openstack infrastructure distributed across multiple data centres. Openstack is a collection of software for building cloud environments. It consists of the following components:


This gives you the benefit of a managed cloud, with data always located in Frankfurt am Main. In combination with managed services provided by firstcolo, this ensures that you obtain an optimal operational platform (Platform-as-a-Service), allowing you to maintain an effective overview at all times.

Important questions at a glance

The firstcolo Cloud is your optimal solution for when you wish to be in control of your operations as much as possible. Simultaneously, you can expect full support, assisted by experts who are available at all times. Whether you simply require the deployment of an infrastructure, an additional appropriate platform (managed services) or an essential Kubernetes cluster for your project: All of these components can be orchestrated to meet your needs in a way that allows you to achieve the best possible results for your goals.

In addition, the firstcolo Cloud is designed for any company that aims to operate a scalable cloud infrastructure independent of major cloud providers as well as their licensing models and data locations. With the firstcolo cloud services, you can be assured of data security. In fact, the ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certifications attest to this on paper.

  • Your virtual entities within the cloud will be made available at our in-house data centres in Frankfurt am Main.
  • Your data is always located in Frankfurt am Main, regardless of the availability zone you have booked, making your data compliant with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO).
  • All hypervisors in the firstcolo Cloud are connected to the switching infrastructure with at least 10 Gbit/s of bandwidth.
  • firstcolo Cloud provides storage systems for different requirements:
    • Volume Storage
    • Object Storage (Swift- / S3-API)
    • Local Storage
    • File system Storage

Kubernetes complexity is a thing of the past! firstkube by firstcolo allows you to centrally manage the control of each deployment so that additional clusters can be easily added. Apply for a test account now and find out for yourself!

Your benefits with the firstcolo Cloud

                                                                                                                    Resource management
All resources can be managed centrally with the help of a dashboard. Virtual machines can be easily connected and accessed through a single interface.
Calculation security of costs -
Costs always in sight
No hidden costs and transparency at all times. No hidden service limitations, clear & comprehensive billing structure. E.g. traffic as a fixed monthly flat rate - allows full use of the offered bandwidth.
Your choice with maximum flexibility
You can always flexibly manage the cloud services you use and add additional services at any time.
24/7 support with experts in Germany
In case of an emergency, our technical support is at your side at all times and will solve your problems as quickly as possible.
Flexible SLA’s
We provide you with an optimal basis for any needs and requirements by using a multi-level SLA model.

The components of the firstcolo Cloud in detail

Do you have existing systems that require migration?

Existing files and applications can also be transferred to the firstcolo Cloud with little effort as well as being adjusted to the situation with the help of versatile software components and highly scalable storage space.

Interested? Then feel free to send us a message to request your test access!