Kruppstraße 105, 60388 Frankfurt a. M.

Continuation of the success story

diva-e Datacenters GmbH changes its name to firstcolo GmbH - Sustainability and high quality standards of our data centres will be an even greater focus within the future.

We are happy to welcome the independent infrastructure fund Cube Infrastructure Managers as a new shareholder. This is accompanied by the fact that diva-e Datacenters GmbH was renamed to firstcolo GmbH taking effect on the 10th of October 2022. Apart from that, nothing will change for customers and partners: they will continue to be served in the existing data centre space and by the usual firstcolo staff - the operational business will continue without any changes.

The firstcolo team would like to express its sincere gratitude to diva-e! Thanks to the close cooperation with diva-e colleagues, firstcolo was able to gather many new, valuable insights and further establish itself as a data centre operator in the industry. Together, numerous enterprise customers were acquired, which are among the largest German companies.

Due to high demand for firstcolo's data centre space, we were able to significantly increase our revenue, as well as integrate new high-growth products such as private cloud solutions for our customers.

This resulted in firstcolo`s successful development into a data centre platform with significant growth potential, which will continue to strongly pursue technological progress and sustainability in order to continue the story of success. We will continue to work closely with diva-e as our technology partner.

The existing managing directors, Jerome Evans and Nicolaj Kamensek, will remain active for firstcolo GmbH in the long term as shareholders and managing directors.

Cube Infrastructure Managers is an independent management company that focuses on sustainable investments in European infrastructure through its Brownfield funds (Cube I, Cube II and Cube III). In doing so, they can rely on their years of international experience with extensive expertise in industry and management.

The focus is on energy supply, communication infrastructure and public transport. After all, Cube firmly believes that environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are one of the key factors in minimising risks while adding value to the infrastructure companies in which the funds invest. 

One of the core aspects is renewable energy, in which Cube has already made investments in photovoltaics, hydropower, wind power and waste-to-energy. Efficient heating and cooling are seen as particularly important, as they can significantly reduce energy consumption.

This is where we come in: all firstcolo data centres are powered 100% by green electricity from renewable sources with a PUE value of 1.25 for efficient energy consumption, which means that only a small amount of additional electricity needs to be used outside of the IT equipment.

New perspectives are opening up in the medium term: Together with our new partner, we will be able to increase our growth even further. This includes the expansion of further data centre capacities in Frankfurt am Main as well as new data centre locations in German metropolitan regions. We will maintain a long-term technology partnership with diva-e.

With combined forces, we will place even more emphasis on the topic of sustainability. We are already in an excellent position here due to 100% green power and industry-leading energy efficiency (PUE), while further opportunities will open up in the future to reduce our ecological footprint - as well as achieving additional cost reductions at the same time.

Jerome Evans, CEO of firstcolo, comments as follows: " By working with diva-e and EMERAM, firstcolo has evolved from a founder-led company to a platform with significant growth potential. In the last five years, we have more than doubled our revenue and moved into new areas such as the private cloud.

With Cube, we have gained a long-term oriented owner who will support us in our ambitions to further drive future development. The goal is to triple our data centre capacity in the next 5 years. In the future, we will build more data centres with industry-leading PUE values in terms of energy efficiency. Together, we will continue our path of growth in an advancing digitalisation of society."

We look forward towards working with Cube Infrastructure Managers in the future. Their focus has been on local infrastructure assets in areas such as telecommunications, district heating, mobility and electric vehicle charging stations. Cube has raised €4.0bn across four European-focused funds and made more than 30 investments - so our new shareholder has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience that will benefit us now. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.