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DDoS protection is revenue protection!

Protect your business and trust our expertise.

Our data centre is home to industries for which recurring and multidimensional DDoS attacks are part of their daily routine. We are able to successfully end your constant frustration from continually switching between overburdened DDoS protection providers!

With one of the highest bandwidth external connections in the industry at over 1,500 Gbps, even the largest volume attacks can be mitigated without any issues. With the help of our fallback data centres, we provide even higher security in the event of an attack.


Our defence system

Thanks to the high level of experience in our Security Operation Centre (SOP) team, we have strong defence technologies readily available for you. Our countermeasures take effect even before DDoS attacks completely block all processes. In combination with high-quality hardware applications from market-leading manufacturers, the result is a high-performance and secure solution. Our synchronizing defence technology uses worldwide information of previously discovered DDoS attack patterns. Similar to vaccinations, the defence algorithms learn to immunise targets in the data centre in advance.

Our solutions for your company

This protection option secures your entire infrastructure against all types of attacks and any protocol attacks. It is theoretically infinitely scalable via our data centres and is currently able to protect against volume attacks of over 200 Gbit/s. This protection solution is recommended for our internal data centre customers such as hosting providers as well as e-commerce companies.

This protection option is not dependent on the location of your servers and can therefore protect your entire infrastructure even outside our data centre. By using BGP, we can protect you from attacks of over 100 Gbit/s and against all attack protocols. All you need is at least one /24 IPv4 network for the purposes of routing. This protection is recommended for companies that have a large always-on IT infrastructure.

This defence variant was designed by us specifically to protect websites. It is also not dependent on the server location and can be set up at short notice. In the event of an attack, your web servers will remain accessible to legitimate users only, as we clean the traffic by re-routing it through our filter mechanisms. We recommend this protection for online stores and representative websites.

Our solutions against DDoS attacks

Together we will find the right DDoS protection solution for your infrastructure.
We always analyse the respective digital landscape individually and adapt our filter mechanisms adequately.
Contact us to find out more and get started right away!

Special characteristics at firstcolo

Many years of experience throughout the team
Best practice applications
Multiple combined solutions for an optimal protection
Self-learning algorithms
24/7 Monitoring team
Market-leading external connectivity (over 1,500 Gbps)
Security Operations Centre
Fair and transparent pricing structure
Our service
We provide security against DDoS threats and protection for your servers. On request, we analyse your hardware and offer comprehensive and customised solutions.
We are equipped to handle even worst-case scenarios: In case our experts from the monitoring team inside our data centre fail to defend an attack quickly, we are still able to provide two other data centres that can handle the work of the overloaded servers. This makes it virtually impossible for your server to fail.
Our experience
We have more than a decade of experience in DDoS protection. We have used this time to develop sophisticated technical measures such as our learning defence algorithms. These stop the DDoS attack as early as possible, before a server is blocked. For this purpose, our algorithms use data collected from DDoS attacks performed around the world to quickly and flexibly identify the attackers' strategy. A perfect interplay of our high-quality hardware and software components allows us to analyse attack patterns and take appropriate countermeasures in sufficient time.
In addition, the data connectivity of our data centres is so powerful that it can easily withstand many attacks of medium to large attack volumes and is available at a fair price.

Universally usable - effective without compromise!

Unlike many traditional DDoS protection providers, we can protect everything: all protocols, all applications, all servers inside and outside our data centres.

Common attack patterns are:

TCP weak point attacks (SYN, FIN, RST, SYN ACK, URG-PSH, TCP Flags)
Application attacks (HTTP GET floods, SIP Invite floods, DNS attacks, HTTPS)
Volume attacks (TCP, UDP, ICMP, DNS amplification)
Fragmentation attacks (Teardrop, Targa3, Jolt2, Nestea)

However, universally effective DDoS protection is an extremely complex matter and therefore requires a significant amount of explanation. Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you!

How do I find the right DDoS solution?

Depending on the different attack vectors, attack targets and technical requirements of the respective user, only very specific, different defence solutions are suitable for DDoS protection. The exact specification, configuration and calibration of the filter technology must therefore always be left to an analysis coordinated with the user. Apart from the exact and specific situation of the attacked system, the appropriate defence technology is assigned according to the interface at which the data traffic, "contaminated" with DDoS attacks, is transferred to our algorithm-based filter mechanisms.

Initial consultation - Professional solutions - Emergency communication

We will be happy to advise you on the choice of the right solution and are certain to find the infrastructure that precisely meets your needs. Fully focus on your core business and let our teams find & integrate your suitable DDoS protection solution!