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Managed Services by firstcolo

Our administrators ensure the secure operation and constant availability of your applications.
Managed Services from the immediately usable product to the highly individual service.

The term "managed services" covers a whole range of recurring IT services that go hand in hand with a considerable saving of resources for customers. This especially applies to managed hosting where customers are able to rent dedicated servers and the associated hardware while placing their administration in the hands of a professional service provider.


Security and provision - all around the clock

In addition to customised data centre and IT services, firstcolo offers a wide range of standardised managed services.
With the managed services provided in the data centres in Frankfurt, you save time, costs and effort. Our offer ranges from simple remote maintenance services (remote hands) to managed hosting and so-called full-managed solutions. By booking managed services, you free yourself from many recurring, labour-intensive IT tasks.
This allows you to better focus on your core business and your actual corporate goals.

Your advantages at our locations

Proactive advice from experienced project teams
Short response times and fixed individual contacts
Individual conception based on your desire
24/7 accessibility and up to 99.999% availability
Modular price structure
Branded hardware independent of manufacturer

Managed hosting with firstcolo

We ensure that you can focus on your core business entirey.
If desired, we can take over the management of your entire IT infrastructure.
Sit back and put your trust in the high level of expertise of our teams.
Contact us today for a free consultation!

Service levels

With us, IT companies have the option of using complete managed services at all service levels without having to invest in their own infrastructure and additional know-how. Individual agreements regulate the quality of the service with up to 99.999% guaranteed availability per year. With these universal managed services, firstcolo primarily addresses medium-sized companies for which operating their own data centre would not make economic sense. The managed services of our "Full Managed Services" comprise several levels, which often complement one another.

Benefit from our customised product portfolio:

We create an individualised concept for each business partner to reduce your workload. Always with exactly the server performance you need.
We also implement special requests such as a Managed DATEV or Managed Office 365 solution in direct consultation with you.
Whatever you need - just ask us!

Thanks to our many years of experience and high level of expertise, we are sure to be able to manage your IT at ease.

On websites, special offers, marketing measures or links can always lead to a rush of users that cannot be processed by a conventional infrastructure. Frustrations, cancelled purchases and loss of sales are the avoidable consequences. To counteract such peak loads, we have developed a cluster concept for e-businesses as part of our managed hosting offer: a server network that can be scaled as required during operation, which monitors or controls certain performance values by means of central software and can even compensate for hardware failures. In this way, we take over the management of the entire infrastructure for you, right down to the application level.

Our load balancing system offers the possibility to distribute incoming traffic to several servers. This ensures secure and reliable provision of applications and content, especially in environments with high data throughput requirements. Via an external interface, a dynamic or situation-dependent distribution of data traffic to several resources takes place. Efficient and accelerated load balancing across different resources results in an optimised user experience.
Due to the structure of our data centres and the distribution across many locations, we are also very well positioned in terms of backup concepts and geo-redundancy.

Our powerful firewalls protect you from unwanted access to your infrastructure. We filter incoming and outgoing data traffic with individually defined operating parameters and specifically adjusted settings. In this way, the risk of compromise can be almost completely eliminated and at the same time the regular operation of your network infrastructure is not jeopardised. This ensures maximum security of critical applications at all times and significantly reduces the time between detection and remediation of a vulnerability.

firstcolo "Virtual Private Networks" connects local networks of different company locations and provides a uniform, interconnected or even global network. We develop a suitable, individual infrastructure and ensure that high bandwidths can be achieved at all locations. Digital certificates and keys provide the necessary security. We also offer IPsec tunnels as a fully managed service. In this way, we establish secure connections between your internal IT infrastructure and that of the data centre - currently a big plus, as home offices are becoming more and more important.
Our concept of site and company networking is convincing thanks to managed services, cost-effectiveness and flexibility in the event of expansion requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Managed hosting means placing the management of individual systems or entire infrastructures in the hands of a service provider like firstcolo. These systems are then usually located in a professionally operated data centre. At firstcolo, for example, you can rent or buy a dedicated server, which means that the entire physical server, including operating system and software, is then reserved for you and managed centrally by firstcolo.

Administration is in the hands of experts: You can concentrate on your core business and have direct contacts with us.
Time savings: We take care of your routine tasks.
Cost savings: You rent a server and do not have to worry about its maintenance. You save on staff and training costs as well as costs for replacing defective components.
Flexibility and scalability: With managed hosting, you can usually adjust the server capacity easily and quickly to your needs.
High bandwidth: The network connection is in the hands of professionals. firstcolo guarantees the availability (up to 99.999%) and the bandwidth of the system.
Monitoring: Our employees are on duty for you 24/7, monitor the network and equipment and react immediately to any risks or weak points.
Security: firstcolo guarantees your data protection with the physical security of the data centre through controlled access and security measures such as monitoring and biometric access. In addition, firstcolo uses the most modern firewalls and protects against unauthorised access to business-critical data from the outside.

Managed hosting is interesting for companies that do not want to or cannot take care of their IT management themselves. They therefore outsource it to a competent service provider such as firstcolo and thus save on effort and costs.

Initial consultation - Professional solutions - Emergency communication

We will be happy to advise you on the choice of the right solution and we are confident to find the infrastructure that fits your needs perfectly. Completely focus on your core business and let our teams take care of the managed hosting services!