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Regardless of whether it is a web application, an online shop or an internet portal, the vast majority of companies are shifting an important part of their infrastructure to the cloud as part of their digital strategy. This is partly due to the fact that computing resources need to be available quickly and on demand at all times, which is not always easy to achieve with solutions based on traditional dedicated servers.

Your advantages - our cloud

Reduced costs due to
lower TCO
Security and GDPR compliance in local German data centres
24/7 support and trouble management

On many web portals, during certain daily peaks, the number of users increases very rapidly for only a short period of time. In order to be able to react to these peaks, resources must always be kept available when using dedicated servers, which remain unused during times of lower user income. This results in a high total cost of ownership. Such costs can be avoided through the flexible scalability of cloud infrastructures. To meet this demand on the part of our business partners, we rely on our self-developed cloud environment based on OpenStack as well as on alternative cloud solutions based on VMware and Proxmox.

We provide you with a secure virtual infrastructure for your digital projects. In the process, you always benefit from demand-oriented usage and billing models. Computing resources can be added and released in an instant when they are no longer needed. This results in a far more profitable cost structure while you never have to risk being unable to serve your customers due to a lack of resources.

Fundamental steps into the cloud

Cloud Consulting
Once the first step into the cloud has been taken, a number of additional requirements and hurdles often arise. Especially the implementation of new projects and the provision of further services present companies with problems which were not fully considered at the beginning. To ensure that all sub-areas work together optimally and also react quickly to new requirements, you can always rely on our experts. As a leading digital partner, we have extensive expertise in the area of cloud within all of firstcolo and can assist you with conceptual design, implementation and seamless ongoing operation. Might it be migration of an existing cloud infrastructure or an expansion to a hybrid cloud - we will be happy to advise you.
Public Cloud Management
A large number of companies are already pursuing a holistic strategy in the area of public cloud with leading providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Naturally, the flexibility of these providers is almost indispensable, especially for large projects. Nevertheless, due to the high complexity and extensive feature set, these projects can quickly become opaque and entail a high configuration and maintenance effort. In order to fully exploit the potential of your cloud strategy, we offer the option of a direct connection to common providers in terms of hyperscalers. This we can combine with Direct-Cloud-Connect to leading providers such as Azure, AWS and GCP with up to 100 Gbit/s from our Frankfurt-based data centres. In particular, our extensive expertise in the Azure environment extends across the entire firstcolo team: the Microsoft technology has been implemented repeatedly in various customer projects. In combination with our comprehensive cloud management, this results in an "all-round carefree package" for you, in which our experts take over the administration so that you can continue to focus on the further development of your core business.

Cloud Management with firstcolo

Have our team take over the management of your cloud resources and rely on our many years of expertise. We will be happy to advise you in order to design the optimal solution for your requirements. We will support you from planning to launch. The package is topped off with our strong support services as well as our fault management and 24/7 monitoring.