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How the world of servers is currently evolving

Jerome Evans, founder and managing director of firstcolo, explains why little works these days without powerful servers and what the current trends are within this context.

IT Infrastructure - Crisis as an opportunity?

How companies should behave in economically difficult situations with regard to their IT infrastructure

Data centre - core question Make or Buy?

The most important topics and decision-making around data centres

AWS downtime - how important is the hybrid cloud?

Jerome Evans, founder and CEO of firstcolo and diva-e Cloud GmbH, on the widespread AWS cloud downtime that disrupted various customer networks worldwide for roughly seven hours

Edge computing in the shadow of the cloud

An alternative solution for data processing is emerging on the market

On the way to greener

Chia Farming as an alternative blockchain technology

Case study: The path to better security leads to the cloud

What can be learned from the REvil ransomware attacks

With focus on usability

firstkube brings order to complex IT architectures

Brought into focus

Frankfurt is now the world's largest data hub

Efficiency starts with the data centre

How colocation contributes to sustainability

Outsourcing is the future of data management

Companies increasingly rely on external data centres

Green Data Center: Saving electricity made easy

Efficient data centres through sustainable IT

All paths lead to the cloud

What is the hype about cloud applications and which data management option is proving to be particularly worthwhile