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We facilitate the use of Kubernetes at every touchpoint.

What is firstkube?

firstkube is a management platform along with a dashboard and orchestration service for the automatic provision and management of Kubernetes clusters and associated cloud-native applications. As a user, you address all necessary services such as monitoring, compute, networking, as well as object-, image-, and block-storage centrally via a graphical user interface (GUI).

Your benefits of using firstkube

High performance & high availability
High performance & high availability
If desired all workloads in our seamlessly connected private clouds run with maximum reliability in multiple availability zones within our data centres. We only use state-of-the-art branded hardware and ensure that the underlying resources are never fully utilised. This results in uncompromising performance and high scalability for our users.
Simple updates
Simple updates
If you plan an update of your clusters or individual services in the clusters, the update can be carried out centrally in the firstkube interface within a few clicks. Like this, administrative tasks such as maintenance are carried out with the greatest possible efficiency, and you can concentrate on your core business.
Cloud Connect
Cloud Connect
We connect your existing Kubernetes clusters of the public cloud providers of your choice with our first-class private cloud offerings. Like this, you benefit from the scalability and flexibility of the public cloud and the security and unlimited performance of the private cloud. firstkube combines the best of both worlds and makes managing hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud concepts child's play with its central administration interface.
Service Templates
Service Templates
Constantly recurring deployments can be sped up with the use of templates. Important cluster services such as monitoring, identity management, logging or site reliability engineering workflows are also natively supported. Such a standardised cluster services can therefore be provided automatically at the touch of a button, and manual configuration is always possible for particularly individual service modules.

The most important features at a glance

  • Multiple IT systems are united in one web interface, regardless of deployment model
  • Easy deployment, automation and multi-cloud orchestration from one tool
  • Central interface for efficient management of complex edge architectures
  • Centralised storage of required data and roll-out to all clusters
  • Simplified first contact with Kubernetes through management tool with intuitive GUI
  • Quick start thanks to simplified deployments with cluster templates
  • Monitoring, control and operation in a central interface
  • Predefined Kubernetes applications as click-to-deploy
  • Central management, debugging, and updating of multiple Kubernetes infrastructures
  • Fast setup of RBAC (role-based access control)
  • Automatic backups and snapshots at the push of a button
  • Make container orchestration controllable through in-depth automation
  • Higher cost efficiency through time savings
  • Avoid manual intervention in IT systems
  • Accelerate application development in every phase (CI/CD)
  • Possibility to outsource deployment and management for the best starting conditions
  • Reduce setup time and shorten onboarding process
  • Rapid deployment of plug-ins and clusters on demand via firstcolo managed services
  • Customised managed services and flexibility in all service levels

firstkube by firstcolo

Kubernetes made easy with our ready-to-use solution firstkube!
We focus on your needs and find the optimal solution together.
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For whom is firstkube a good fit?

firstkube is suitable for any software development team that already uses or would like to use a containerised deployment model for their application development in the future. This is particularly interesting for software-as-a-service providers who create cloud products that are made available internally or externally.

firstkube is ideally suited for users who rely on a modern and clustered MACH architecture (microservices, API-first, cloud-native, headless). This type of architecture is particularly relevant for innovative e-commerce companies. 

Of course, we also support "container starters" – in other words those users who would like to start with containerisation as quickly as possible but have no expertise or capacity for the initial setup and maintenance of the underlying Kubernetes infrastructure.

Common issues before using firstkube

  • For the most part, our deployments only run manually
  • For our customers, we must roll out our software solution both in the cloud and on-premises
  • Our software development team cannot focus on development because managing the infrastructure takes up too much time
  • An update of my shop leads to downtime and as a result to a loss of sales (opportunity costs)
  • Many simultaneous visits lead to performance bottlenecks and worsen the user experience of my customers
  • The development of new features and the update cycles take too long
  • Our team has no capacity to set up and efficiently manage the infrastructure
  • Our team has not yet been able to gain deep expertise with the network and storage classes
  • We deploy our containerisation in a hybrid cloud and the deployment model becomes too complex

Our deployment types

firstkube can be booked as a basic package (firstkube BASE) or as a fully managed service (firstkube AUTO), In the basic package, you receive direct access to our central web interface and can deploy your clusters and associated services independently in compatible cloud infrastructures. With the use of our full-managed service, you can relax and let our team take care of the entire setup and administration. Together, we customise all services to your individual needs.

firstkube BASE

- Self-service management interface (GUI)
- Cluster deployments with a few clicks
- Data stored in Frankfurt (GDPR-compliant)
- Direct cloud connects (to public clouds)
- Price per resource (without master nodes!)

firstkube AUTO

- 24/7 support from firstcolo
- Fully managed cluster and deployments
- Data stored in Frankfurt (GDPR-compliant)
- Direct cloud connects (to public clouds)
- Price on request

Get started with your own Kubernetes cluster in no time!

Test firstkube BASE free of charge with XYZ Euro credit for 30 days.
Ready to go in three simple steps!


Make a request

Our team will check the data provided and create a user account for you in the firstkube interface


Deploy your cluster

After receiving the login data, you can create your workers and get started with the Kubernetes cluster


Get started productively

Your cluster will be deployed in a few minutes, and you can immediately start with your productive workloads

FAQ regarding Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source orchestration system. It enables the automated operation of containers and serves as a platform for the provision and operation of various applications in the containers.

As the name suggests, containers are also a type of box. In such a container an application can be stored in isolation, together with all its dependencies. The result is a so-called container image, which contains the application in its full scope with the smallest possible size. Now the containerised application can be transported very easily and rolled out at different locations. Containers also require fewer computing resources than classic virtual machines and ensure that applications are far more independent of the underlying environment.

Location independence
Since all dependencies of the application are also in the container, the container image can easily be rolled out anywhere. Local deployments are thus replaced, and containers enable a deployment in the cloud.

Different containers are always strictly separated from one another. A container image therefore never has access to the resources of other containers, which in turn improves the efficiency of the underlying computing resources.

Because a container image is completely devoid of an operating system and its own kernel, it is far more dynamic than other virtual machines, making it even faster to transport and install.

If a container does not function properly or needs to be updated, it can be quickly torn down and, if necessary, rebuilt just as quickly. This feature is ideal for testing new functions.

A container image can serve as an architecture model for existing containers. Running applications can scale even better with the help of this.

Since each container runs autonomously and as an isolated process, the programme runtime is much lower. The time needed to start and stop applications is thus reduced to a minimum.

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We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right solution and are certain to find the infrastructure that fits your needs perfectly. Fully focus on your core business and let our teams ease your use of Kubernetes with firstkube!