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Storage on Demand by firstcolo

Optimal utilisation with lowest storage costs

Our manufacturer-independent storage-on-demand concept is a cost-effective, efficient, and flexible solution for storing or archiving all of your company's important data quickly, reliably and regardless of location. firstcolo’s data centres are equipped with a storage-on-demand infrastructure that is prepared for your company. We reduce your financial expenditure for storage capacity to only what you currently need. Our storage concept offers the greatest possible advantages in the areas of scaling, high cost savings and extensive integration options through open interfaces. Redundancy requirements can also be met threefold with our storage solution, without requiring the purchase of three individual storage servers.

Our self-developed storage-on-demand concept was originally initiated by requests from our own customers. They wanted to use a central storage facility in our data centre, which we had initially designed only for our own needs. Through internal communication among our customers, we quickly realised that the need for flexible storage capacity was growing and had to be completely redesigned to meet our customers' interests.

The result: With our storage-on-demand service, you can now compensate for fluctuations in your data volume at short notice and are equally prepared for growing storage requirements. This can result, for example, from the fact that factors such as the fluctuating use of storage-intensive applications are difficult to calculate in advance, or that detailed, transparent and reproducible documentation of business processes is becoming increasingly important. An outsourced storage solution also eliminates the need for our customers to invest permanently in hardware that cannot be used productively during periods of lower storage demand.

We therefore offer "Storage-on-Demand" as an additional service for interested user groups who simply want to book their IT according to their current needs.

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Our service quality standard

High performance SSD and NVMe cluster
Snapshot function
High performance even for the largest I/O-heavy applications
Namespace function
Data availability of 99.99% annual average
Object copy function
High availability through multiple replication
Cost efficiency through pay-as-you-grow model
Triple data replication
Connection with at least 10 Gbit for high data transfer rate
Data stored in Frankfurt am Main
Additional technical support 24/7

Storage on Demand at firstcolo

We adapt to your ideas! Tell us your desired requirements and we will find the right storage-on-demand solution for you.
If desired you can also book additional technical support for even more security.
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Available gateways

RBD (Rados Block Device)
NFS (Network File System)
Proxmox (Management software)
S3 / SWIFT (OpenStack)

Use cases

Big Data
(like Hadoop)
Cloud solutions
(like OpenStack)
(like Proxmox, VMware, etc.)
(in combination with Videorecording/VOD)
Personal Storage
(like OwnCloud, NextCloud, etc.)
Data archiving
(Backup and productive Data)

Your advantages when using our Storage-on-Demand solution

Tailored to the requirements of mid-sized companies, our platform combines high availability with low and flexible total costs. With our storage-on-demand concept, you only rent as much data storage capacity as you actually need. This means you are always prepared for short-term, optimal adaptation to growing storage requirements.

Initial consultation - Professional solutions - Emergency communication

We will be happy to advise you on the choice of the right solution and are certain to find the infrastructure that precisely meets your needs. Fully focus on your core business and let our teams take care of the configuration and provisioning of your storage-on-demand solution!